Friday, October 24, 2014

If I should have a daughter...

Dear readers,

As you probably already know I love speeches and I would like to share with you one that stunned me last year at my English class when our teacher shows us how Sarah Kay, an example for me and my classmates because she had coursed International Bachelor as I did it last year, was able to express her opinions about a topic in an incredible and clear way. When I finished to see the video I just only want to see it again because I consider it as a work of art created by a very young woman with a powerful voice which was born to be heart. 

I simply enjoy what she tells, because she makes you think you can achieve what you propose to do and it doesn't matter where you are or how many the times you try it even if you do not develop what people expect you to do, only what you want to reach. Of course, I like her easiness to draw her experiences up to the public within any modesty. 

The exercise I had to do after watching the video was also very interesting, in that moment, we were reading Animal Farm, the famous Aldous Huxley's book, which is full of enriching speeches, and we had to choose one of them and try to reproduce it to the class imitating a famous character without saying the name. At first it looks simple, but once we tried we realized it wasn't. I decided to imitate Sarah Kay and not my classmates but my teacher guessed it. 

Best wishes

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