Sunday, November 30, 2014

Genre violence

Introduction paragraph: 

Although women do two-thirds of the world's labour nowadays, genre violence continue being an important issue. Each time more and more women are threatened by exploitation, and exposed to the worst conditions with the only justification of being more vulnerable than men. Given women more education, work, the ability to control their own income, and inherit property will benefit the society. 

Concluding paragraph: 

Women are fifty one percent of human kind. Empowering them will benefit society more than investing on technology or new researches. It is a fact that is easier to abuse women and children than men. That's why women need to be able to have more representation and to be more respected than in the past. More confident women energy and critical thought is necessary in this current world. 

Best wishes

Keep our eyes on the prize

Dear readers, 

As every Sunday, I have been watching a TED Talk. Not all the times I take advantage of these monologues, though I enjoy watching them because they are based on real life and they try to explain common facts that take place nowadays, which are not usually very interesting, however their reflections about them catch my attention. 

The one I see today deal with the the problem of losing weight, and the strategies used by Emilie Balcetis, a social psychologist who is very interested in that issue, she wonders why two different people can see diverse interpretations of the same thing. I was amazed of what she tell us about vision, the way we have to see what surround us, that's what she sums up on: how we see the world through our mind's eye. 

She exposes the current necessity of more and more people have about getting back into shape and the dissimilarities of results depending on the intensity of their motivations and goals. She tries to states reasons of why some people see exercise harder than others. After some experiments, she realised that people in shape are able to see a distance they have to run with extra weight shorter than others. Her resolution was that mind and body work in tandem. 

Finally, she explain the phrase: Keep the eyes on the prize helped by supporting statements based on percentages about how having a concrete goal and being concentrate on it could help you to have a different vision on exercise even if you do it harder. Her last reflection was we can see things in other way just if we want to. 

Here you have the talk if after that words you want to watch it. 

Best wishes

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thesis statement

Dear readers, 

I'm very interested in cooking and taking advantage of tonight I'm going to see one of my favourites programs, Top Chef, I would like to share with you through a thesis statement what I think about this broad field, as cooking is. And especially, haute cuisine, which nowadays is a theme of conversation in multiple magazines, newspapers and social nets. 

Controversial debate: Is haute cuisine overrated?

Thesis statement: Sitting in a Michelín star restaurant table is not affordable for everyone. But it is considered not only as a gastronomic experience but also as a sensory and aesthetic moment. That's why paying much more than in other restaurant is not out of context. Behind the kitchen there are the best quality products, a careless manipulation, as well as an excellent table with a 100% linen tablecloth, handmade wineglasses, and of course, a big staff taking care of every single detail and trying to involve their guests in an unforgettable travel to the flavours' world. 

Best wishes

First impressions

Dear readers, 

Some days ago we talked in class about first impressions. It called my attention because immediately I thought about many people I've met and my first impression of them unfortunately or fortunately was not very good, in fact most of the times it was terrible. It is said that only 30 seconds are required for making a first impression of someone we've just met and some studies say we don't fail too much with our first impressions which are based on some aspects as physical appearance, accessibility, expectations, or mood.

My current best friend is one of these examples. When I first met him, I hated him. I didn't know how to explain why but I thought he was self-important and arrogant, and he hadn't mentioned any word before I said quietly to me those thoughts. What annoys me was that I didn't use to judge nobody in a first impression, but it was happening and I felt guilty with myself later on. He was my classmate and I hated him. Aurelio fit in class very well, so I decided to give him another change. I took into account tastes of people change as time passes, because it had happened to me before, thus I thought he might be a kind person but I couldn't see it.

I argued a lot with him, but I admired the way he talked to me, because he wasn't nervous and he was self-confident when he talked and it didn't matter the topic or the moment of the day. He was like pleased to discuss with me. I'm not saying that I enjoyed arguing, but I prefer people who give his or her point or view, instead of being without saying anything. And, if he didn't think the same as me, then it means there will be a good point of discussion.

Nowadays he is my best friend and I can say it by heart. I don't remember when we became friends, but I think it doesn't matter, because now we are like jam and bread. I fell really good when I am with him, he never hurts nobody and he always takes care of me. Every weekend we see each other is like a breath of fresh air to me, he is the comforting view you see after the hard work of climbing a mountain. And probably, if  he had told me all that when we first met, I wouldn't have believed it.What I want to demonstrate with all that is the few value that first impressions have to me.

Best wishes

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dear readers,

This morning I was wondering myself about Encarni, my extraordinary maths' teacher who tried to help me tirelessly with the subject for two years. I haven't got enough words in appreciation for all the hours she has dedicated to me, but like she said, never wasted. Although I wasn't the best student, (what doesn't mean I didn't study), I always tried to do my best. But I was awful at maths, I probably was the worst student she has ever had in all her career. However, she encouraged me to think I could achieve all I proposed me to do.

I have such a good memory of her. She was a nice person, perhaps one of the best people I met. She was comprehensible, and all the students decided to go to her to telling their problems, because she recommended to everyone (who wanted), what to do in a difficult situation and then she didn't expect nothing in return. It wasn't a usual academy, it was a place to learn, not only maths but about life. I appreciate it a lot, because I hate maths and I could look through the window and see there was something behind this map of number, something I will enjoy in a future.

From the stay with Encarni, I could learn many of her interests. She wanted a place for women in society, and she took advantage to every single opportunity to let us think about it. She didn't have any children, and everyone asked why, doubt to we saw in her the mother we wanted to be in a future. Until the day she told us she was in adoption process. Suddenly she was very sad, she was waiting to her baby for many years, but she didn't know anything yet about him or her. Fortunately, some days ago she told us she already had Xu, a beautiful four years Chinese boy. I'm sure she is want to be an excellent mother. I will tell you more things about the process when she came the China.

Best wishes

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

“The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats...” ― Albert Schweitzer

Dear readers,

Rainy days remember me to Charles Bukowski. It is difficult to explain why, as it is difficult to understand his literature, his way of expressing feelings and transmitting them to others. I discovered this author last year when a friend of mine published some of his quotes in a social net. It was like finding a treasure on the seabed. For me, he is the personification of my more complicated feelings into words. I can't consider his way of life as the most advisable but nobody with an admissible behaviour could write in that way, because some kind of mental disorder is required for putting some light in the darkness and obtain this mixture of sadness, sarcasm, and sometimes drugs and alcohol as a final and excellent result. 

I have decided to share with you this poem because I have always had animals at home, in fact lots of them, and I have had the opportunity to analysed their different ways of life. I consider cats as the most intelligent animals until now. I have learnt many things from them as independence and dependence at the same time, intelligence and cleverness as well as their capacity to calculate and their environmental adaptation. But probably that's only the beginning and they have more things to teach me. As Charles Bukowski said once: 'The more cats you have, the longer you live. If you have a hundred cats, you'll live ten times longer than if you have ten. Someday this will be discovered, and people will have a thousand cats and live forever'. 

My Cats

I know. I know.
they are limited, have different
needs and
but I watch and learn from them.
I like the little they know,
which is so
they complain but never
they walk with a surprising dignity.
they sleep with a direct simplicity that
humans just can’t
their eyes are more
beautiful than our eyes.
and they can sleep 20 hours
a day
hesitation or
when I am feeling
all I have to do is
watch my cats
and my
I study these
they are my
- Charles Bukowski

Best wishes

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Arranged marriages

Dear readers,

When you delete on the internet: mundial problems, the first page you will find will be 'who: violence against women'. I wasn't able to understand why nowadays this is the biggest issue in the world. Last year I did a research about a new law which was approved in Pakistan, and that statue let girls of less than 9 years old getting married with men, but that's not all, the law allow men to do whatever they want with 'her' girl. The act was supported and refuted for many entities. Lawyers and organizations which support women rights worked very hard to reject it. Despite the legal age for getting married is 16 years old in women, Unicef said more than 70 percent of girls do that before the legal age, doubt to arrangements and arguments between families.

One solution to the problem of arranged marriages is denounce the situation, as a man who has had access to education can do that in the court. While many families admit the issue, it won't disappear. This kind of laws comes from the tradition which is supported for most part of the population in Pakistan. A second answer is a global modification of the system, relegating to a second stage the ancient value of honour, rather than admit it as the most important one. Education by itself can't root women violence out because most of the parliamentarians are well-educated and they are the ones who took the final decision. The solution is a change of mentality, specially among the youth.

Best wishes