Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Dear regaders,

I know it is a bit late but I usually write when I feel it, and I have been talking with my best friend this evening because we miss a lot each other. So, I would like to tell you something about her. She is my bestie for many reasons as we have the same signature, the same name and also a similar way to treat people that we love with all our heart and probably for more reasons that I can't express with words. Now, she is in Madrid studying Law with International Relations, meeting new friends and learning a lot but I can't avoid missing her because she is like a sister for me, she has been a big support for me whatever I have need it in the last two years. Last week, my friend and I went to our favourite place that I mentioned in the last post, and when we were waiting in a traffic light, she came towards us and cover my eyes with her hands, I hug her as I have never did before and started to cry, because I didn't know anything about her return and I have been without seen her for a month.  It was something that I didn't expect this evening. If I could choose a present for my birthday, I will choose to keep her as a friend for life.

I let you that photo which was taken on September, she is next to her favourite picture, the Spanish generation of '27. She is very keen on poetry.

Best wishes

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