Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Poetry, the power of imagery

Dear readers, 

The other day I was reading a poem, and I was thinking about why are they relevant? And what is the exact moment in which a person decide to start writing, or for example, what qualities a poem needs to be brilliant? I was unable to answer all these questions but, I looked for some information about the topic and I found that it helps you to develop your minds skills and creativity, but also being more flexible expressing feelings. 

Now then, not everybody has the same abilities and that's the reason why I think this practice of writing and reading aloud poems is disappearing. Other disadvantages are the difficulty of comprehension due to the fact that it is not as plain as prose. Thus, we don't have to try to solve the poem, because each poet has his own language which is different from the rest. 

I discovered the world of poetry two years ago, when I had to study the whole 27 Generation. At the beginning I was not very pleased about that, but finally, I gave thanks to my teacher because it helped me to understand a little bit more why poetry shouldn't be look down on by people. But also I learned how History and social developments could be expressed through poetry, what surprised me a lot.

The most relevant profit of this kind of literature is that you can identify with the poet or with the topic he or she wants to present. But a whole range of resources are up to you as well. Poetry imagery come alive words. The possibility to create your own structures out of any mould make it more interesting yet.

Best wishes

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Year's resolutions

Dear readers,

As every year, and this one with not exception, during this month New Year's resolutions are in all places and conversations. It is becoming the right time for many people to achieve with or without success something which has been an obstacle for a long time. However, is it just a way to reach good intentions or just another manner to change people in order to fit better in society?

It is true that most of the times people need a chance to reach some of their goals, and Christmas means in some way a period of excesses. That's why people decide to give up vices of the whole year and dedicate some time to practice healthy activities for the purpose of having a better life quality which results being happier and healthier in most of the cases or simply for stabilize our karma and managed to sleep well.

Nevertheless, balanced people could think these resolutions are just another strategy created by society with the objective of changing people's minds. To see it with another example, we only have to take a look to San Valentine's day, we have the whole year to remember our couple how much we love him or her, but it is a way to commercialize an ordinary fact which take place 365 days a year. 

As I see it, there is no one single occasion to change. Unconsciously we are changing all the time, but some changes are stronger than others. I'm sure about that, because at the end of baccalaureate I was decided to put on a diet and go to the gym everyday. Some months before I kept that in mind and I was decided to succeed, in fact, I did it. Now, 7 months after, I have lost 12 kilos, and I am very proud of myself.

I feel that it is not a matter of planing something you know you are not going to be able to achieve, but bear in mind you are able to change when you needed or when you want. Human being doesn't have into account some times that is the only creature on Earth able to see his own progress and improve it. 

Best wishes

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Dear readers,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you the end of Xu's story. The Chinese guy that my maths' teacher started to adopt some years ago with many difficulties, but fortunately everything turned out well in the end and now they are all together with their families and Xu is already in Spain with their parents.

After following the process and the time spending by the parents in China, I have to admit that it is a difficult process and it is needed a clear mind because I suppose that many feelings came to your mind but you have to know how to control yourself. 

Now they have many things to tell and it is a different and I'm sure that when Xu grew up he will have many things to tell about his childhood, but he will never have any doubt that their parents have done more than the impossible to stay with him. 

His parents now have plenty of things to tell, because they have had the possibility to know a country not as tourists but as native people, even though it could be an advantage, positive and negative aspects about that were included in the trip. It has been an experience that they will never forget. 

Best wishes

Monday, December 22, 2014

Essay - Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt children?

Dear readers, 

Couples usually look for the same interests when they have some kind of stability; it could be a project, a mortgage or something more complex, as adopt a child. This process gives an opportunity to some women who are unable to have descendant and children who don’t have a family to make one, as well as a chance to homosexual couples to have their own children. Despite some groups consider adoption negative for the child on homosexual families, due to the fact that the pattern of mother and father is absent, this process gives the possibility to some couples to achieve their life’s dream of having a baby, and let they show how good parents they can be.

Sometimes it happens that the child lose their parents or the birth parents don’t have enough resources to maintain their son and they have to opt for this hard process in which a child is given to other different family, in order to expect for him a better life. This system is more common in disadvantaged countries than in developed ones, doubt to the lack of resources. Nevertheless, nowadays more families decide to adopt despite not being unable to have children, just as a way to give an opportunity to a child before or after having their own.

There are different ways to adopt a child, but the most well-known is when the family has to make contact with an agency and then depending on the requirements of the country choose the one they want to adopt from. It could be a long process if it follows the usual line, but there are other alternatives such as the Green Ticket in China which allows the family to adopt a child with special needs and it is faster than the ordinary one. But unfortunately, it is not the more used.

Nonetheless it is a very arduous work and most of the times couples feel upset because they have to pass many tests, and sometimes think they are unable to have a baby because the requirements are not available for them, especially if it is internationally. But it all change when they have their baby or child because they just want to do their best.

We haven’t had into account in all said before any advantage or disadvantage about the genre of the couples. Because a family shouldn't have these connotations, it is a unified group which has to be able to care about their components as if they were the last human beings on Earth. We are all individuals, with the same rights including the pursuit of happiness without discrimination. This means that homosexual families should have the possibility to rescue a child avoiding him to live in an orphanage and giving him a chance to live how he deserves. 


Best wishes

Friday, December 05, 2014


Dear readers,

Some days ago we started to learn how to quote in class. We spoke about the necessity to quote because of plagiarism, one of the ills which affects our society, it is defined as taking someone's ideas and passing them off as yours. At first, it could seem that this fact is not relevant, thinking about the use of many students make copying some ideas for essays and other stuff, but each time more and more eminent musicians, politicians and teachers use that kind of resource in order to give an extra quality to their compositions. 

I'm going to show you a case of plagiarism I have found on the internet. Barack Obama was accused of literally copying some phrases by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick speech, but not only applying quotes from him in his speech, also Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy quotations and some of them from the Declaration of Independence, despite the false impression, fortunately, the governor considered it as an unimportant misunderstanding. 

But it doesn't finish here. Plagiarism has no national barriers. However, not all cases are expected to end as Barack Obama one. In order to gain appreciation Lucía Etxebarria, the famous Spanish writer, intentionally decided to copy full sociologist Jorge Castelló paragraphs in her book. When she was found, she alleged to have copied, and then she had to pay a 3000 euros compensation as well as recognize the incorrectly use of these materials. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Genre violence

Introduction paragraph: 

Although women do two-thirds of the world's labour nowadays, genre violence continue being an important issue. Each time more and more women are threatened by exploitation, and exposed to the worst conditions with the only justification of being more vulnerable than men. Given women more education, work, the ability to control their own income, and inherit property will benefit the society. 

Concluding paragraph: 

Women are fifty one percent of human kind. Empowering them will benefit society more than investing on technology or new researches. It is a fact that is easier to abuse women and children than men. That's why women need to be able to have more representation and to be more respected than in the past. More confident women energy and critical thought is necessary in this current world. 

Best wishes

Keep our eyes on the prize

Dear readers, 

As every Sunday, I have been watching a TED Talk. Not all the times I take advantage of these monologues, though I enjoy watching them because they are based on real life and they try to explain common facts that take place nowadays, which are not usually very interesting, however their reflections about them catch my attention. 

The one I see today deal with the the problem of losing weight, and the strategies used by Emilie Balcetis, a social psychologist who is very interested in that issue, she wonders why two different people can see diverse interpretations of the same thing. I was amazed of what she tell us about vision, the way we have to see what surround us, that's what she sums up on: how we see the world through our mind's eye. 

She exposes the current necessity of more and more people have about getting back into shape and the dissimilarities of results depending on the intensity of their motivations and goals. She tries to states reasons of why some people see exercise harder than others. After some experiments, she realised that people in shape are able to see a distance they have to run with extra weight shorter than others. Her resolution was that mind and body work in tandem. 

Finally, she explain the phrase: Keep the eyes on the prize helped by supporting statements based on percentages about how having a concrete goal and being concentrate on it could help you to have a different vision on exercise even if you do it harder. Her last reflection was we can see things in other way just if we want to. 

Here you have the talk if after that words you want to watch it. 

Best wishes