Sunday, November 30, 2014

Keep our eyes on the prize

Dear readers, 

As every Sunday, I have been watching a TED Talk. Not all the times I take advantage of these monologues, though I enjoy watching them because they are based on real life and they try to explain common facts that take place nowadays, which are not usually very interesting, however their reflections about them catch my attention. 

The one I see today deal with the the problem of losing weight, and the strategies used by Emilie Balcetis, a social psychologist who is very interested in that issue, she wonders why two different people can see diverse interpretations of the same thing. I was amazed of what she tell us about vision, the way we have to see what surround us, that's what she sums up on: how we see the world through our mind's eye. 

She exposes the current necessity of more and more people have about getting back into shape and the dissimilarities of results depending on the intensity of their motivations and goals. She tries to states reasons of why some people see exercise harder than others. After some experiments, she realised that people in shape are able to see a distance they have to run with extra weight shorter than others. Her resolution was that mind and body work in tandem. 

Finally, she explain the phrase: Keep the eyes on the prize helped by supporting statements based on percentages about how having a concrete goal and being concentrate on it could help you to have a different vision on exercise even if you do it harder. Her last reflection was we can see things in other way just if we want to. 

Here you have the talk if after that words you want to watch it. 

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