Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First impressions

Dear readers, 

Some days ago we talked in class about first impressions. It called my attention because immediately I thought about many people I've met and my first impression of them unfortunately or fortunately was not very good, in fact most of the times it was terrible. It is said that only 30 seconds are required for making a first impression of someone we've just met and some studies say we don't fail too much with our first impressions which are based on some aspects as physical appearance, accessibility, expectations, or mood.

My current best friend is one of these examples. When I first met him, I hated him. I didn't know how to explain why but I thought he was self-important and arrogant, and he hadn't mentioned any word before I said quietly to me those thoughts. What annoys me was that I didn't use to judge nobody in a first impression, but it was happening and I felt guilty with myself later on. He was my classmate and I hated him. Aurelio fit in class very well, so I decided to give him another change. I took into account tastes of people change as time passes, because it had happened to me before, thus I thought he might be a kind person but I couldn't see it.

I argued a lot with him, but I admired the way he talked to me, because he wasn't nervous and he was self-confident when he talked and it didn't matter the topic or the moment of the day. He was like pleased to discuss with me. I'm not saying that I enjoyed arguing, but I prefer people who give his or her point or view, instead of being without saying anything. And, if he didn't think the same as me, then it means there will be a good point of discussion.

Nowadays he is my best friend and I can say it by heart. I don't remember when we became friends, but I think it doesn't matter, because now we are like jam and bread. I fell really good when I am with him, he never hurts nobody and he always takes care of me. Every weekend we see each other is like a breath of fresh air to me, he is the comforting view you see after the hard work of climbing a mountain. And probably, if  he had told me all that when we first met, I wouldn't have believed it.What I want to demonstrate with all that is the few value that first impressions have to me.

Best wishes

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