Thursday, November 06, 2014

Dear readers,

This morning I was wondering myself about Encarni, my extraordinary maths' teacher who tried to help me tirelessly with the subject for two years. I haven't got enough words in appreciation for all the hours she has dedicated to me, but like she said, never wasted. Although I wasn't the best student, (what doesn't mean I didn't study), I always tried to do my best. But I was awful at maths, I probably was the worst student she has ever had in all her career. However, she encouraged me to think I could achieve all I proposed me to do.

I have such a good memory of her. She was a nice person, perhaps one of the best people I met. She was comprehensible, and all the students decided to go to her to telling their problems, because she recommended to everyone (who wanted), what to do in a difficult situation and then she didn't expect nothing in return. It wasn't a usual academy, it was a place to learn, not only maths but about life. I appreciate it a lot, because I hate maths and I could look through the window and see there was something behind this map of number, something I will enjoy in a future.

From the stay with Encarni, I could learn many of her interests. She wanted a place for women in society, and she took advantage to every single opportunity to let us think about it. She didn't have any children, and everyone asked why, doubt to we saw in her the mother we wanted to be in a future. Until the day she told us she was in adoption process. Suddenly she was very sad, she was waiting to her baby for many years, but she didn't know anything yet about him or her. Fortunately, some days ago she told us she already had Xu, a beautiful four years Chinese boy. I'm sure she is want to be an excellent mother. I will tell you more things about the process when she came the China.

Best wishes


  1. Yes, please! Let us know when shen comes from China!

    Your text is pretty good, but have a look at a tiny confusion of words in the beginnin: "answer" is the opposite of "ask" (which is the verb you actually need here). You can also use "wonder": "I was wondering".

    See you!

  2. Thank you for the correction, Reme. I always confuse this term. I wish not doing it again.