Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thesis statement

Dear readers, 

I'm very interested in cooking and taking advantage of tonight I'm going to see one of my favourites programs, Top Chef, I would like to share with you through a thesis statement what I think about this broad field, as cooking is. And especially, haute cuisine, which nowadays is a theme of conversation in multiple magazines, newspapers and social nets. 

Controversial debate: Is haute cuisine overrated?

Thesis statement: Sitting in a Michelín star restaurant table is not affordable for everyone. But it is considered not only as a gastronomic experience but also as a sensory and aesthetic moment. That's why paying much more than in other restaurant is not out of context. Behind the kitchen there are the best quality products, a careless manipulation, as well as an excellent table with a 100% linen tablecloth, handmade wineglasses, and of course, a big staff taking care of every single detail and trying to involve their guests in an unforgettable travel to the flavours' world. 

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