Sunday, November 02, 2014

Arranged marriages

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When you delete on the internet: mundial problems, the first page you will find will be 'who: violence against women'. I wasn't able to understand why nowadays this is the biggest issue in the world. Last year I did a research about a new law which was approved in Pakistan, and that statue let girls of less than 9 years old getting married with men, but that's not all, the law allow men to do whatever they want with 'her' girl. The act was supported and refuted for many entities. Lawyers and organizations which support women rights worked very hard to reject it. Despite the legal age for getting married is 16 years old in women, Unicef said more than 70 percent of girls do that before the legal age, doubt to arrangements and arguments between families.

One solution to the problem of arranged marriages is denounce the situation, as a man who has had access to education can do that in the court. While many families admit the issue, it won't disappear. This kind of laws comes from the tradition which is supported for most part of the population in Pakistan. A second answer is a global modification of the system, relegating to a second stage the ancient value of honour, rather than admit it as the most important one. Education by itself can't root women violence out because most of the parliamentarians are well-educated and they are the ones who took the final decision. The solution is a change of mentality, specially among the youth.

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  1. Yes, I think it cannot be solved through international laws... Different cultures change at a different pace.