Monday, December 22, 2014

Essay - Should homosexual couples be allowed to adopt children?

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Couples usually look for the same interests when they have some kind of stability; it could be a project, a mortgage or something more complex, as adopt a child. This process gives an opportunity to some women who are unable to have descendant and children who don’t have a family to make one, as well as a chance to homosexual couples to have their own children. Despite some groups consider adoption negative for the child on homosexual families, due to the fact that the pattern of mother and father is absent, this process gives the possibility to some couples to achieve their life’s dream of having a baby, and let they show how good parents they can be.

Sometimes it happens that the child lose their parents or the birth parents don’t have enough resources to maintain their son and they have to opt for this hard process in which a child is given to other different family, in order to expect for him a better life. This system is more common in disadvantaged countries than in developed ones, doubt to the lack of resources. Nevertheless, nowadays more families decide to adopt despite not being unable to have children, just as a way to give an opportunity to a child before or after having their own.

There are different ways to adopt a child, but the most well-known is when the family has to make contact with an agency and then depending on the requirements of the country choose the one they want to adopt from. It could be a long process if it follows the usual line, but there are other alternatives such as the Green Ticket in China which allows the family to adopt a child with special needs and it is faster than the ordinary one. But unfortunately, it is not the more used.

Nonetheless it is a very arduous work and most of the times couples feel upset because they have to pass many tests, and sometimes think they are unable to have a baby because the requirements are not available for them, especially if it is internationally. But it all change when they have their baby or child because they just want to do their best.

We haven’t had into account in all said before any advantage or disadvantage about the genre of the couples. Because a family shouldn't have these connotations, it is a unified group which has to be able to care about their components as if they were the last human beings on Earth. We are all individuals, with the same rights including the pursuit of happiness without discrimination. This means that homosexual families should have the possibility to rescue a child avoiding him to live in an orphanage and giving him a chance to live how he deserves. 


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