Friday, December 05, 2014


Dear readers,

Some days ago we started to learn how to quote in class. We spoke about the necessity to quote because of plagiarism, one of the ills which affects our society, it is defined as taking someone's ideas and passing them off as yours. At first, it could seem that this fact is not relevant, thinking about the use of many students make copying some ideas for essays and other stuff, but each time more and more eminent musicians, politicians and teachers use that kind of resource in order to give an extra quality to their compositions. 

I'm going to show you a case of plagiarism I have found on the internet. Barack Obama was accused of literally copying some phrases by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick speech, but not only applying quotes from him in his speech, also Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy quotations and some of them from the Declaration of Independence, despite the false impression, fortunately, the governor considered it as an unimportant misunderstanding. 

But it doesn't finish here. Plagiarism has no national barriers. However, not all cases are expected to end as Barack Obama one. In order to gain appreciation Lucía Etxebarria, the famous Spanish writer, intentionally decided to copy full sociologist Jorge Castelló paragraphs in her book. When she was found, she alleged to have copied, and then she had to pay a 3000 euros compensation as well as recognize the incorrectly use of these materials. 

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