Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Poetry, the power of imagery

Dear readers, 

The other day I was reading a poem, and I was thinking about why are they relevant? And what is the exact moment in which a person decide to start writing, or for example, what qualities a poem needs to be brilliant? I was unable to answer all these questions but, I looked for some information about the topic and I found that it helps you to develop your minds skills and creativity, but also being more flexible expressing feelings. 

Now then, not everybody has the same abilities and that's the reason why I think this practice of writing and reading aloud poems is disappearing. Other disadvantages are the difficulty of comprehension due to the fact that it is not as plain as prose. Thus, we don't have to try to solve the poem, because each poet has his own language which is different from the rest. 

I discovered the world of poetry two years ago, when I had to study the whole 27 Generation. At the beginning I was not very pleased about that, but finally, I gave thanks to my teacher because it helped me to understand a little bit more why poetry shouldn't be look down on by people. But also I learned how History and social developments could be expressed through poetry, what surprised me a lot.

The most relevant profit of this kind of literature is that you can identify with the poet or with the topic he or she wants to present. But a whole range of resources are up to you as well. Poetry imagery come alive words. The possibility to create your own structures out of any mould make it more interesting yet.

Best wishes

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