Friday, October 10, 2014

He dreams of dreaming what she dreams

Dear readers,

I have woken up earlier today than usual, with a very big smile in my face, because I really like mornings, moreover if it is Friday and It's a sunny day with a lot of light, and the weather could not be better. I am surfing the internet this morning while I was having a coffee next to my cat, which is the one of the best times of the day without any doubt, and I have found a peculiar picture, something that has called my attention. Sometimes occur to me that I see a photo and I try to imagine the story that it hides. I have never written it down because I think it is not something very common, But I don't believe in photo's beauty, I believe in what they pass it on

I think you will take a good photo if you want to tell something, a feeling, a tale about a man who lost his wife last week, and now on Sundays he has the only companionship of pigeons because they remind him of the afternoons sitting with her on a bench at the park looking how sun goes down and they were still together. It could be the true story but it could be not, that's why I think it is singular.

Best wishes

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  1. I love it.

    * woken up
    * one of the best timeS / moments
    * it occurs to me
    * who lost his wife last week
    * they remind him of the afternoons