Tuesday, October 28, 2014

From action to romantic films

Dear readers,

all of us have already taken part of the debate which women and men of all ages all over the planet have created between action an romantic films from immemorial times, but not necessary women support the romantic ones and men the action ones, as most of people thought. When you see an action movie you are aware of what is happening on the screen is not something real, not the same as a romantic film which is based on real life what means that what is coming about, sooner or later could appear in front of your eyes. In addition, I couldn't see what it is wrong on seeing one of the most important human facets, which is able to change the world, as love is. In contrast, action movies are based on something which goes beyond the imagination of a single mind, and usually that kind of films only promote violence, one of the bigger causes of destruction of human being, while romantic films are supporting on feelings, which everybody experiment since we were born. As for me, I prefer romantic films, although sometimes they are not as true as they should be. 

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